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Welcome to my website, where I have fun exploring the art of animation and technology. Feel free to reach out if you need Character Rigging and Technical Director services.


Here are some of the cool projects I’ve been working on.


Short made for Unreal Animation Fellowship, 3 week boot camp.

Unannounced personal project

Under development IP fully animated in Unreal Engine.

Pit Stop – Animated Film

Student film made as a final project for Sheridan College Animation program.



This project was a final deliverable for the Unreal Animation Fellowship boot camp of Fall 2023 that was 3 weeks long. The prompt for the final project was to create a 15 second animation done fully in Unreal Engine utilizing control rig, sequencer and animation toolset. This 15 second animation was a contribution towards a larger exquisite corpse style video combining the contribution of all members of a team.

Process / Behind the scenes

Initial character design sketches.

Scouting the Electric Dreams unreal project to stage the animation.

Storyboard / Animatic to plan out the story and timing.

Character basic blocking.

Laying out all quixel assets used for the character

Kit bashing Quixel assets to create the character.

Using Manny skeleton as the base structure to reuse its control rig.

Applying a modified Manny control rig to Bark.

Modelling the rolled up version of bark, adjusting to be more round.

Using the Box rig as the base structure for rolled up rig.

Updated box rig to work with a spherical shape for proxy roll.

Updated the squash setup for a sphere.

Animating in engine and having fun!

Creating a console track to control engine tick, for stepped animation.
[ t.maxfps 24 ]

Created a mutable anim mode for better silhouette. Shows only anim essential assets, adjusts lighting, runs console variables and disables reference media track.

Created a tool for fellows to increment backup their sequencers. This tool lets user to make a comment as a metadata tag to the copy of the sequencer with timestamp in the name.

Some behind the scenes of doing Foley for this project.

Unreal IP (WIP)


Create a series of fun original short form animated content done fully in Unreal engine. This includes rigging as well as animating in engine. I wish to push the limits of cartoony animation using control rig by employing some creative ways to use the existing tools.

Process / Behind the scenes

Initial sketches of the character

3D model with eyelid geo for the Rig

All controls are procedural and spawnable, any joint position change will automatically adjust the controls

Lattice like deformations using joints only. Eyelid visibility triggers with material curves

The project is under progress, more coming soon . . .

Pit Stop


This short film was made as an individual thesis project for Sheridan College Bachelor’s of Animation Program 2019. The criteria was to make an animated short film with a duration of 1 minute or longer in any medium of student’s choice. My personal goal for this project was to push 3D animation to be more cartoony and expressive and explore creative ways to rig and animate characters.

Process / Behind the scenes

Exploring fun and cartoony face shapes

More explorations for characters and clothing

Trying out 3D mockups to visualise better

Further planning with context to the story

Technical breakdown for modelling and rigging

Exploring how facial blendshapes could work

Final design and poses for George

Final design and poses for Jeff

Final design and poses for Alien

Exploring materials for Alien

Materials and render test for Jeff

Render test for George, playing with SSS

Python autorigger designed for bendy cartoony limbs

Jeff rig stress test

Blendshape based facial rig with combo correctives

Alien rig full demo

Jeff rig full demo


Layout for planning shots in 3D

Animation polish

Compositing and FX process video

When life gives you lemons, make lemon chai

I’m a curious, passionate and fun loving individual who is always looking for opportunities to learn something new.

Raised in the beautiful city of Panchkula, India, I have always been fascinated by the world and everything it contains. Telling short little stories by making clay move when I was 13, to helping create some of the biggest animated movies, I have truly discovered my love for making films.

I have always been the curious kid trying out any crazy idea that comes to my mind. It has helped me find unique ways to solve problems and teach myself. I look forward to working with many more people and grow together.